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      Iris joined NTD in September 2008 and worked in legal department, mainly focusing on legal consultation and services of trademark, patent, copyright and other intellectual property rights. Her practice primarily involves in routine trademark proceedings like trademark search, registration, opposition, review and invalidation, as well as intricate procedures such as trademark infringement, unfair competition and recognition of well-known trademark status. In the process of providing legal services to the clients, she has accumulated a wealth of experience. Her good professional knowledge and meticulous services have been unanimously approved by many clients.

      During the eight years of her work with NTD, Iris has handled many cases, some representative cases are listed as follows: Retrial of Patent Administrative Litigation. One of the core patents owned by a well-known domestic Chinese pharmaceutical company was declared invalid. Unfortunately, the follow-up patent administrative proceedings of first instance and second instance have been lost. Finally, the client entrusted NTD to deal with retrial matters of this case. Through various efforts, the team successfully obtained essential evidence and ultimately won the retrial case in the Supreme Court. This is the first retrial case represented by NTD that obtains success in the Supreme Court. Case of false advertisement and unfair competition: Entrusted by a Japanese company ranking in world top 500, conducting on-site investigation, notarizing the infringing webpages and filing complaint before the AIC regarding to the infringer’s infringing acts including false advertisement and unfair competition, ultimately achieving a satisfactory result and successfully safeguarding the interests of the client.

      Additionally, during her working period, Iris is also actively trying to write articles and conduct project researches. Among them, the article “The Research on Infringement of Video Website” was included in the collection of NTD Papers. Also, working with colleagues, they have completed the report on “The collection of Documents and Data about Patent fees in European Patent Office”.

    Education and Training:

      • Master of Law, University of International Business and Economics in 2008
      • B.S. degree of English, Southwest University in 2005


      Pass the Judicial Examination; Pass the Level Test for Trademark Attorney; Pass the Examination of TEM-8                        

    Working Language:

      English, Mandarin